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Private Tuition & Conversational Classes

Here at Sherwood Farm, we offer you the chance to improve your English language skills in our unique and relaxed setting.

You could be starting out on your English Language journey and are struggling to understand the basics and fundamentals. Perhaps you would like to improve your already existing English language skills to enable you to gain better grades at school or communicate in English in a professional environment? It may be that you haven't used English since you were at school, or you would simply like to embark on an exciting journey to learn English as a bit of fun?
Regardless of your reason, here at Sherwood Farm we can help you achieve your goals. Our Private Tuition and Conversational Classes can be booked on an individual or group basis. 

If you are interested in our Private Tuition services or Conversational Classes, please contact us stating your current school year (if applicable), preferred day and time for your tuition and your goal(s) for the tuition (e.g. continued support with school work, focused learning on an area of grammar, to gain confidence in speaking etc.).

For your info, if you are unable to attend Sherwood Farm, our Private Tuition lessons, along with all other language courses, can also be accessed through online platforms.


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