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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
Benjamin Franklin


Welcome to Sherwood Farm, a place of love, joy and simplicity.

Since August 2019 Lee, Alice and their four children have been living at their farm in Richelbach-Neunkirchen (northern Bavaria), having spent the previous 8 years in Munich.

On making the family decision to relocate to this area, the idea was born to found a business that would continue to allow Lee and Alice to follow their passion of working with young people and adults in an educational environment.

Sherwood Farm, both the property and concept, has grown from an idea into a current reality.

With an abundance of teaching experience, ranging from working with students in the UK with behavioral issues, teaching English to young children in the Andean mountains of Ecuador, advising and teaching adults in a business environment, educating infants in a kindergarten, running sports clubs and events with local schools, and fulfilling the role of class teacher in a bilingual school in Munich, your child is in safe hands when they visit Sherwood Farm.

The positive and energetic environment allows guests to laugh, play, be confident and have fun, regardless of age or English speaking ability. At Sherwood Farm, the belief is that being immersed in a positive, happy and exciting environment allows the individual to grow, develop and learn.

The Holiday Camps cover a range of themes and activities. Participants sleep under the stars and bake bread over campfires. The next generation is taught how to live in peace with our environment whilst respecting and caring for nature. The camps not only allow the child to be immersed in the English language, but also learn other skills, and most importantly; have fun!
Sherwood Farm offers a wide range of services which cater for all ages, levels and abilities when it comes to the English language.

Please feel free to contact Lee and Alice if you have any questions or queries.


"In the meantime, relax.
Take a break.
Look at the clouds.
Listen to the wind.
Let the birds do the heavy lifting."
Richard Louv


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